hellofromchawes asked: im so sorry to hear about what's going on in your living situation, that's so rough...i wish I could say something to help but i know there's not really much I can do, but im sending you positive vibes and support and you can talk to me anytime if you need someone to chat to. stay safe and you're in my thoughts <3

Trust me, the good vibes are what I need the most. I don’t have the kind of relationship with my family that I feel comfortable talking to them about this so really I just need to hear kind words of someone who doesn’t think I’m unwanted. Obviously my boyfriend does but I’m trying to put on a brave face for him cause he is dealing with this crap too and he is a total sweetheart who worries (too much sometimes I say lol) about me

Thank you so much and I will def take you up on that

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hey all my lovely followers,

just wanted to apologize for disappearing the last couple weeks. I have been going through a rough time with my living situation. For those who dont know, I currently live with my boyfriend (we share his room) and one of his roommates is pretty much the worst person i have ever dealt with but I completely avoid him (which is nearly impossible since he is always watching tv in the living room right outside our door.

Well he watched TV loudly until like 3am and refuses to watch tv in his room because thats where he sleeps and he says that he can do whatever he wants because its a communal space. And the other night my boyfriend came home from working 12 hours and had to wake up in 6 hours to work the next day and told him to turn it off and he started screaming at him and then when I came out he started getting violent and got so mad he took a papasan chair and repeatedly slammed it into the ground (also he is over 300 pounds and was a bouncer at a gay bar) and I was so terrified for my physical safety I had to call a friend at 1am to pick us up and let us stay on his futon.

The lease is up June 1 and we cant wait to find our own place but I dont know if I can make it for another month and a half. The deranged roommate threatened to call the landlord and have me kicked out since my name is not on the lease and told me I am nothing but an unwanted guest and to never speak to him (as if I want to lol)

So now I hide in our room and am too anxious to even go to the bathroom or grab food in the kitchen. My boyfriend is being super supportive but there is nothing he can really do. So sorry for the long personal post but I am already starting to cry all the time from the isolation so I figured I should try and use this as a safe space.

seriously please send me a message if you are also feeling lonely or just need someone to tell their problems too. I mean that is always the case, but right now I have so few people I can talk to and not have to pretend that ‘everything is ok’

thank you if you took the time to read this <3








Monster High Custom dolls - Bianca Del Rio and Raven

dts87-deactivated20140415 asked: What exactly is a Prison Plane? Aren't all planes technically prisons unless you are a Planeswalker? Mark,could you ask the Question Marks what this is, because it's come up before and the idea leaves me baffled. Yes baffled!


Imagine a world that is just a big prison where everyone on it is locked away and there are guards and a warden. It would use many of the tropes from the prison archetype. I assume the story would be about our planeswalker(s) having to escape.

if foucalt’s panopticism doesnt play a role I will be sad

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when I ‘like’ your post what Im really saying is ‘Im gonna show this to my boyfriend later when he gets home’



look inside my furry pink box tee hee hee

look inside my furry pink box tee hee hee

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Joslyn Fox is like the Psyduck of Drag Race.

Anonymous asked: Are you gay?

I identify as queer but essentially yes. Why do you ask?

I need more Dubney Spears.

is it possible to yass yourself to death?

these gaga parodies are getting out of hand

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